Auto backup for Cisco Device

For getting back automatically after write a command or on periodically time do like this:  

write-memory command is for writting configuration after using ‘do wri’ command, in this case every time you using do wri the configuration will…

Setting SnmpV3 at Cisco device

We can use 3 level security for snmp version 3: noAuthNoPriv authNoPriv authPriv I want to use authPriv becuse of more security than other one:

Edit “Enter-Security-Name”,”Enter-Authentication-passphrase” and ”Enter-Privacy-passphrase” with your data   For testing your device you can use snmpwalk…

Installing Grafana v5.3.1 on Centos7

Grafana is The open platform for beautiful analytics and monitoring. Here we installing grafana , then in other post we try to use with zabbix server to have a nice graph an report:

  Installing Zabbix Plugin:


  The default…