Setting SnmpV3 at Cisco device

We can use 3 level security for snmp version 3:

  • noAuthNoPriv
  • authNoPriv
  • authPriv

I want to use authPriv becuse of more security than other one:

#conf t 
#snmp-server group monitoring v3 priv
#snmp-server "Enter-Security-Name" monitoring v3 auth md5 ”Enter-Authentication-passphrase” priv aes 128 ”Enter-Privacy-passphrase”
#do wri

Edit “Enter-Security-Name”,”Enter-Authentication-passphrase” and ”Enter-Privacy-passphrase” with your data


For testing your device you can use snmpwalk command in linux like this:

#snmpwalk -v3 -u"Enter-Security-Name" -l AuthPriv -a md5 -A ”Enter-Authentication-passphrase” -x aes -XEnter-Privacy-passphrase”


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